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Truth is, every organization desires improvement however there is at least one memeber within every organization who will be resistant to change. Now, how close in proximity this member is "to you" can determine a lot about the pathway and trajectory of your success or failure. Realistically speaking, if the answer were already within your organization then you wouldn't have "called" Organized Chaoz into your experience......... but YOU did!!! The Organization Rehabilitation part of the process is designed to shed light on those who are currently uphappy witin your organization whether due to lack of amibition, personal matters, or they simply aren't energetically aligned with the vision YOU have for your company. | ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Here we will attempt to get those "out of alignment" back on board in hopes they can transition from a liability to an asset. I will be available to you for one week (5 days, 20 hours) to learn how you, your administration, and your staff operate your business. Consider me an "Innergy Manipulator" who will maneuver energy throughout your organization to physically produce results. Here we will find the assests and liabilities within your organization.

Organization Rehabilitation

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