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The wealthy all have one thing in common...... they truly believe in the power of magic. Not only that, they believe that they themselves are magical. This Magic Money $oap Bundle will allow you to tap into your very own magical powers and experience manifesting at its best! Fragranced with the world's most expensive oils, this soap is filled with 24kt Gold and smells like MONEY, WEALTH, and ABUNDANCE!!!

Magic Money $oap -Bundle

SKU: 604
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  • Spiritual: Money is a VIBE! And you are a VIBRATION!!!

    Mental: Have fun using your imagination.

    Physical: Watch how money flows into your experience.

    Instructions: Are included.

    Ingredients: Olive Oil Soap Base, Vegetable Glycerol, YOUniverse Essential Oil, Galactical Essential Oil

    Size: 11.1oz

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